The Indian Women in International Arbitration (IWIA) Group is a global community of Indian women practitioners and allies who work or are interested in international arbitration and dispute resolution. IWIA provides a platform for Indian women practitioners to connect with each other, share knowledge and resources, and support each other in their professional development. The group's members come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including law firms, corporations, international organizations, and academia. IWIA is committed to engaging with the broader community of practitioners, organizations, and institutions in the field of international arbitration to promote greater gender and racial diversity and inclusion. Learn More
1. Providing a platform for networking and mentoring for Indian women in the global international arbitration community;
2. Enhancing the visibility and recognition of Indian women arbitrators and potential arbitrators, and their achievements;
3. Organizing training programs and workshops to develop the skills and knowledge of Indian women in the field of international arbitration;
4. Advocating for gender diversity and equality in arbitration, and raising awareness of the benefits of having more women arbitrators on tribunals;
5. Creating a database of Indian women arbitrators and experts globally to increase their visibility and accessibility to potential users of arbitration services;
6. Developing partnerships with law firms, institutions, and organizations to provide more opportunities for Indian women in arbitration and to promote gender diversity in the field;